A Few Reviews of A Moment More
Released 2000

Congratulations on a really find piece of work.  You sound great, and your backup group is special.
Your compositions are first-rate.  I especially love your wacky treatment of Donald's Chili Billie and I must say,
my favorite track is your tender and transparent reading of Daybreak in Alabama.
The bowed bass and viola are perfect - the result Grammy-worthy!

Max Morath
Legendary Ragtime Composer and Performer

...a lovely and timeless recording to please even the most strident traditional jazz fan.
Excellent song choice, arrangements, performances - both instrumental and vocal - as well as recoding and mixing.
What's not to love?

Charlene Blevins
Music Row Magazine

...strong and sensitive singing combined with intelligent songwriting.

Michael Colby
52nd Street Jazz

Congratulations to one of the Tennessee Jazz and Blues Society's favorite singers on her first Nashville project.
We can only hope this CD will generate more of the attention her musicianship deserves.

Austin Bealmer
Tennessee Jazz and Blues Society

Vocalist Sharon Moore ranks among Nashville's most popular jazz performers.
More intriguing than similar efforts boasting slicker production and bigger names.

Ron Wynn
Nashville Scene