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Words and Music, Sharon Kay Moore (BMI) - all rights reserved.


The Last Thing I’d Ever Do
Words and Music by Sharon Kay Moore
Moore Mindful Music (BMI) – all rights reserved

I might’ve grove off in tears but I’m still a fighter
Highway-bound, distance growing wider
Damned disgusted and low on self-esteem

But I felt better driving into Georgia
A big old welcome sign and a “Glad to know you.”
A bag full of peaches and a tank of gasoline

Well, the last thing I’d ever do, I did
And now I’m pulling my own strings instead of hanging on by a thread
I didn’t want to leave you baby, but it came down to me or you
So I did the last thing I’d ever do

But no use feeling cheated or defeated
I’ve learned one lesson that won’t be repeated
Since the hand of fate slapped some sense in me

And I’m sure which road that I should follow
So I’ll just live today and then tomorrow
And see what higher expectations bring