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  1. Petticoat Lace
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Words and Music by Sharon Kay Moore and Chris Clifton.


Written by Sharon Kay Moore and Chris Clifton
Moore Mindful Music (BMI), all rights reserved

I am Amon Dupree named by my mother’s people
Sweet Anna Lee, my heart’s beautiful dream
My life’s only dream.

She is to me, bright as a shining steeple
Hands white as cream, and lovely is her face,
As her petticoat lace

William Landry intends to be her suitor
Though she has told him she is all mine
Always mine

Landry’s dark mind is tarnished as pewter
Gnarled and twisted as baling twine
Landry’s dark mind

I must run to my lover, ‘neath the low clouds that hover
On the Black Mountain road to town
Not a sound on the mountain, nor a breeze in the stillness
No way to see through to the ground, the muddy ground

Running to my Anna’s warm embraces
My step was entangled so I reached down
Through fog to the ground

There time did end, my heart and mind still rages
Blood-stained and filthy, mud-encased
Was her petticoat lace

Now we’ll both meet the devil, for I must end the evil
And the gloat upon Landry’s face
Not a sound from the killer, nor a breath in the stillness
As I tighten it round his throat, petticoat lace