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Words and Music by Sharon Kay Moore and Chris Clifton


The Things I Wished I Could Forget

Words and Music by Sharon Moore and Chris Clifton
Moore Mindful Music (BMI) – all rights reserved

Last night I was just hanging out with all my best long-time buds
We were all telling tales of our days as the most successful, handsome studs
They could name the dates and the details, and how they never would get caught.
While I plodded the murky fog that covered the tracks of my train of thought

I know I’d be so cool. My M.O. would be hot.
I’d seem more mysterious, my friends would say “Say what?”
Not talking out of school, reality’d reset.
If I could just remember the things I wished I could forget
Yeah, if I could just remember the things I wished I could forget

As a young gun I felt best a little off kilter like a tilt-a-wheel
Living fast and out to feel everything I could feel
I thought myself quite the hero, a cross between Merle and Mick
But now instead of lean and hungry, I’m usually full as a tick


Well I know I’m not yet over the hill, and I still have plenty of years
But it may well be time my friend, time for switching gears
I may just write that memoirs, a bona fide kiss and tell
And if I don’t get all the facts, it’s probably just as well