1. Jessamin
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Words and Music by Sharon Kay Moore (BMI). All rights reserved.


Words and Music by Sharon Kay Moore
Moore Mindful Music (BMI) – all rights reserved

Jessamin was a beauty, but she never knew
Even when we were Juniors way back in school
Her clothes were pretty shabby, and in no way chic
And kids could be so cruel, calling her a freak
I wasn’t any better, hell-bent on getting trashed
I didn’t even notice her spirit being bashed
Jessamin, I could’ve been a better friend

Then one day I felt like all my nerves were raw
Midnight came and I was stumbling out the same old bar
A guy came at me in back with a tire iron in his hand.
When Jessamin pulled up behind and slammed the man.
At first I resented it, like she was in my space.
Until I noticed something scared and tender in her face.
Oh, Jessamin, I should’ve been a better friend


Then on we were inseparable ‘till Jimmy came around
He thought himself too big a man to live in a small town
We took off with no word at all, to see and to be seen
Till Jimmy got a lot more greedy, and I got a lot less green

I don’t know how 20 years could come and go so fast
Or how I wound up here, scratching at the door of the past
I’ve been praying for peacefulness I fear has long been dead
Or maybe just a quiet place for me to clear my head
Driving ‘round this sleepy town in the morning mist
Thinking about Jessamin I long ago dismissed

I heard some years ago she never left our little town
While I was always busy tearing up or tearing down
But maybe I can find her and we’ll share a glass or two
What’s this up ahead I see, dozens of flower wreaths
From everyone around but me, lining Jessamin Avenue