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Words and Music by Sharon Kay Moore (BMI). All rights reserved.


A Good Day’s Sleep
Words and Music by Sharon Kay Moore
Moore Mindful Music (BMI) – all rights reserved

So you and I have a few things we need to work out, but nobody’s talking
Circling round, round and round like a blind bat, but nobody’s walking
People say some things are better left unsaid, and I know that could be true
But I sure do want to real right now with you


I wanna sit right here with you at the edge of this bluff
And stay all evening long till the sun comes up
I’m gonna make you talk, even if you’re shy
I can make you laugh and you can make me cry
I don’t mind if the conversation gets a little too deep
Tomorrow baby, we’ll both get a good day’s sleep

A quiet place, a big moon and a bottle of wine, should get us goin’
Your sweet face, a good tune and we’ll be feeling just fine, getting to knowin’
There’s nothing going on that we can’t talk about, long into the light of day
And there’s no place better than here with you, anyway.



The sky is our room. I’ll pull down the moon and offer it up to you.
There’s no other place to be, and no other face I see
Can make me feel so lucky and giddy, and glad to…