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Love Me Like a Friend
Words and Music: Sharon Kay Moore. Moore Mindful Music (BMI)
All Rights Reserved

I remember the jolt of the lightning bolt, that powerful first kiss
And I took it as a sign from high above that finally, this was it
We bought a ring and a house, then a bigger house, a place with five more rooms
Maybe once I knew how you really felt, but now I can only assume

I want you to love me like a friend
I want you open up to me
You know that I would never mind if you just let yourself go free
And if my foolish side should show, I'd know that you'd take it on the chin
And baby we'd have someplace to go if you loved me like a friend

Let's consider the fact that we old enough to go outside and play
Like a couple of kids with crumpled clothes rolling 'round in the hay
I know there's still enough of that feeling there to turn it 'round again
So forget the checkbook and the email babe, and love me like a friend

I miss the silly things we used to do
And the not so careful you that was you
And the childlike, kite-like feeling in my heart

Chorus and Fade