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  1. Alive and Well
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Alive and Well
Words and Music by Sharon Moore (Moore Mindful Music - BMI)
All Rights Reserved

Everything seems so earth-shaking important
Both of us trying to prove a point
Trying not to say, and ending up saying
Something that'll get your nose out of joint

It's all so important at the moment
While the moments just come and go
And I know I'm tough just like you baby
But I've got to make sure you know

If I never get to feel like I'm right again
If I never get to think that I've won a good fight again, that's alright
Ain't no glory in riding the storm of love
If it ends up some sad story we'll both tell
What's important to me is keeping love alive and well
Alive and well

Now here we've got two very different people
With two different points of view
So baby I guess it had to happen
We'd have some swimming upstream to do

But let them bring on a tornado
Baby, let them bring on a typhoon
And we'll just laugh about it later
'Cause I'm hanging on tight to you


Well, well. Do tell. Go on and hit the ceiling
Blackmail, cry and yell. Just don't you even think of leaving