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Inherit Your Heart
Words and Music by Sharon Moore (Moore Mindful Music - BMI)
All Rights Reserved

Just forget it, I'm not coming out
It's safe and warm in here
So just skip it, I'm not about to face what's so unclear

Do I really have to join the world?
Am I gonna be a boy or girl?
Being born means setting sail
On a future where I might fail

But dad, you'll be there for me
And mom, you're prepare me
And I'll have a very good start
If I can inherit your heart

Okay, I'll do it, I'm coming out
Look, I've got your eyes and hair
Not much to it, it's all about
How much your family cares

I'm a mirror of the way love grows
As I'm growing out of my clothes
Looking more and more like you
Growing up and wondering what I'll do


I've inherited your chin, daddy
A strong chin for a strong will
And mama, I've inherited your eyes
To see hope when problems arise

And now I'm ready, I'm charging out
Like a racehorse through the gates
Building my brief life around
These dreams that I chase