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To Whom It May Concern
Words and Music by Sharon Kay Moore (Moore Mindful Music - BMI) and Peter J. Newland (Hanta Yo Music - ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

Mary won't be going to school today, she's made other plans
She's not a child, but mom and dad will never understand
She takes a chance of clothes, a winter coat, and some money that she's earned
And she leaves a goodbye letter to whom it may concern

A Greyhound and a taxicab lead her to the door
Of a run down, one-room walkup above a closed down hardware store
The girl who used to live here left it clean and neat
The landlord said her rent was due when she disappeared last week

Mary finds a letter in the mail addressed To Whom It May Concern
It said "We don't know who will read this but we've nowhere left to turn.
If you see our darling Sara, tell her we miss her more than life,
We're sorry things turned out so wrong, but we pray that she's alright."

To Whom It May Concern
Too many hearts have been broken
Too many bridges have been burned
Sometimes you care but you don't show
Sometimes you count but you don't know
Sometimes you lose it all before you finally learn to whom it may concern

She thinks of all the fights about her friends, her clothes, her hair
Well maybe they don't understand her, but at least she knows they care
She finds a pay phone in the parking lot of an Exxon down the street
And when a worried voice comes on the line, she says "Mamma it's me."